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CONNECTALL Ltd. established in 1994, is now a leading manufacturer of SS Metal Hoses, SS and Rubber Expansion Joints, PTFE Hose Assemblies and other Fluid Conveying and Connecting Products.

Thanks to its qualified personnel having amassed over 50 years of experience in the area of flexible and rigid high-pressure conveying and connecting products, CONNECTALL Ltd. supplies specialty products for a variety of applications with most of our focus in the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Petroleum Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Compressed Gas, Refrigeration and dozens of other niche markets. From its range of mark Eaton Aeroquip, the company is classified "Premier Select" which enables it to offer to its customers a vast line of products recognized by the industry. Connectall ltd opened its Hose express center which makes it possible for the customers to come directly to the counter and have his hose manufactured within a very short time.

CONNECTALL Ltd.'s commitment to total quality has reached the ISO9001:2000 standard and is authorized to manufacture in factory of apparatuses under pressure, pipings and accessories in conformity with the laws of the ACNOR-B51 standard. Manufactured to meet the conditions of section VIII div.1 B-31.1, B-31.3, B-31.5 of code ASME. Laws of the province of Quebec A.20.01 LRQ-chapter, Laws of Canadian payment CRN. This standard underlines the firm's capacity to provide high quality services and products capable of meeting the most varied and demanding needs of its customers.

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